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Luxury need not cost the earth

Thimphu View has unified all initiatives within five key areas of CSR namely, Environment, Health & Safety, Employees, Supply Chain, and Stakeholder Relations under the umbrella brand of “Sustainability.”
This campaign strives to properly educate its stakeholders, inspire and engage its employees, enjoin its business partners and align with the local community initiatives so that CSR can be used as a more significant tool towards development.

One with Nature

Thimphu View brings you luxury that you deserve, without compromising our natural resources. We are committed to serving as good stewards of the environment. We ensure that every property respects local traditions and culture, restores natural habitats, conserves biodiversity and manages waste, water and energy.
Thimphu View mitigates impacts on the environment by ensuring that our day-to-day operations promote and implement responsible environmental practices and continual improvement. We also have the capacity to address local resource management issues through innovative solutions such as glass water bottling, rainwater harvesting and the incorporation of composting and herb gardens to manage food waste.